Applying consumer power

You have the right to know what your food spend supports

OmniAction will make it possible for the food business to apply meaningful labels that change the world of food for the better.

The many hundreds of product labels available are fragmented and contradictory, and this makes them fundamentally meaningless.

Consumption represents 60 per cent of the global economy – where consumers go, business will follow. With access to the right information consumer choices will change the way food is produced and sold – for the better.

Consumers have the fundamental human right to know how our choices impact the environment and the people who produce our food, as well as our own health through food safety and nutrition.

Meaningful information is not possible without agreed rules for how to measure food’s impact on people and the planet. OmniAction’s community of scientists and experts foster the convergence of global standards, constantly updating them, to provide the best information.

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