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“There is no other area where the human rights of so many people are violated as in the food system,” according to Prof Joachim von Braun, the UN Food Systems Summit’s chief scientist.

OmniAction is helping to address this injustice, with a global resource which is constantly updated, and available at no cost, that helps all actors in the food system achieve their social, sustainability and nutrition goals.

In this way, OmniAction will improve the US$9 trillion a year food system which is responsible for 30,000 people dying each day from hunger, malnutrition and obesity; child slavery numbers going up under the Harkin Engel protocol; food producing one third of all greenhouse gas emissions; the loss of 23 soccer fields of arable soil every minute; women always being the first to go hungry; rural workers struggling to feed themselves and their families; and more.

Your contribution will help us expand the data team to deliver framework updates even faster.

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