OmniAction introduction via Zoom to stakeholders


Register here to meet the launch team behind OmniAction and learn more about how you can participate. OmniAction is a new not-for-profit which will produce a unified global framework measuring the health and sustainability impacts of the food system. This science-based, verified and independent framework will be made available as a public good to all […]

OmniAction Nutrition topic, Advisory Group meeting

Progressing the indicators and weightings for the OmniFramework Nutrition topic Please register here. For those interested in the development of OmniAction's Nutrition indicators, and how they will be weighted. It will be of interest to those working in Sustainable Diets as well as Nutrition, along with those interested in multi-criteria measures in food systems. OmniAction's […]

Risky business: ESG needs an agreed metric for agriculture and food

There is no agreed method for measuring Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) credentials in agriculture and food. How can we address this? Please register here to join this event. OmniAction gathers experts from within its community to discuss the terrible risk that business and finace currently faces - and to explore how OmniAction might support efforts […]

Unlocking true sustainability through food safety

Register here Food safety data collection is an opportunity to confirm wider sustainability / eco impact, some nutritional impact, land and labour rights About this event Food safety experts are advocating for wider data collection that would lead to more sustainability in our food chains. Think about it. Strong food safety regulation and risk assessment […]

VIP screening University Women’s Club + Zoom: The Chocolate War

Meet the director and subject of this documentary, before settling in to watch the film. Register here for in-person or Zoom access. Please register here to join this event The Chocolate War, directed by Miki Mistrati, has been nominated for Cinema for Peace, CPH DOX and Warsaw International Film Festival awards.Miki follows human rights lawyer […]

OmniFramework – categories and indicators discussion


OmniFramework - categories and indicators discussion

Join Anya Doherty, OmniAction co-founder + CEO of Foodsteps as we discuss OmniAction's first framework for sustainability in agrifood.

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